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Morgan Cunningham caught “the radio bug” at the age of eight. Most people listen to the radio for music and news, but Morgan listened mostly for jingles and commercials. Strange, huh? At the age of 11, he wrote to his local radio station, asking them to copy their archive of jingles, commercials, and other production elements. Instead, the program director invited him to co-host their morning show for a day. After spending some time in a radio studio, he knew he wanted to be involved in mass media.

At the age of 14, Morgan began hosting “Oldies Come To Life,” a weekly retrospective top-40 music and history program. As of 2017, it is still running. His format involves playing hits and forgotten gems from the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s. He went on to develop friendships with various musicians, as well as countless other current and former radio/TV personalities. He has interviewed a number of them on his show.

Morgan believes in preserving entertainment history through interviews and audio recordings. With the internet becoming more of a tool for content and information, Morgan launched on February 5th, 2017. He maintains the site with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm he had for radio as a child.

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