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Dee Dee Phelps – Dick and Dee Dee ’60s Singer

MCIU#5 - Dick and Dee Dee Photo creditAt a time when A-sides ruled local and national charts, Dick and Dee Dee defied all odds of having a hit with a local B-side record.

Once the musical talents of Dick St. John and Dee Dee Phelps united, they were an unstoppable team.

Dee Dee tells about how major California stations KYA, and later KRLA, played an integral part in “accidentally” launching their stardom. She also talks about traveling via bus with Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars and performing with the Beach Boys when they were a new band.

This interview is a taste of Dee Dee’s new memoir, Vinyl Highway.

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Date Originally Recorded: 23 March 2017

Date Originally Released: 23 May 2017

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