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FAQ#1: “Can any material on this website, including interviews, be distributed further (broadcast, sold, re-distributed, featured on another site, etc)?”

No. Absolutely no materials or interviews found on can be reproduced, sold, broadcast, distributed, quoted, etc., without our prior written consent.

FAQ#2: “May I have a copy of an unedited interview, please?”

Sorry, no. We must decline these requests, unfortunately. understands that there are fans who would enjoy having unedited copies of the interviews we have featured. However, it can be a time-consuming process to locate unedited interviews, distribute the large files, etc. Instead, enjoy our special collection page, where you can find some items-of-interest that do not appear in the released interviews. We do not always have something for the special collection page, but we try to upload something on occasion that does not appear in a standard interview.

FAQ#3: “Can I be interviewed on” strives to have guests from various backgrounds. If you or your agent feel that your story should be shared on this site, please  contact us .

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