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Program Demo – Hit Universe

**Hit Universe now has a website of its own! To learn more, please click here. However, the information on this page is still valid.**


Hit Universe is an exciting, fast-paced classic hits program available for syndication in your market!

Learn a little more about the show and listen to the demo below. For more information or to get it on your station, please reach out to Morgan at . Thank you for your consideration and for making Hit Universe YOUR Planet for the Biggest Hits!

Target Demographic: Men and Women, Ages 30-55

Target Years for Music: 1974-1987 (Pop Hits)

Bonus Years for Music (Added for Taste, Occasionally): 1968-1974; 1988-1989 (Major Pop Hits Only)

Length of Show: 2 Hours Weekly3 Segments Each Hour; 6 Minutes of Network and 6 Minutes of Local Ads

Special Features:

  1. “The Big Hit Quick Quiz” – The listeners are given one clue and are to guess the song following the stop-set.
  2. “Three Song Salute” – A top-three countdown of the biggest hits for a particular month in a particular target year.
  3. “The Lost Hit of the Week” – Each week, we find a “lost hit,” share a quick story about it, and play it for everyone’s listening pleasure!

Availability: Market exclusive, on a free/barter basis. Weekly download. Monthly affidavits via email.

Musicians/Groups to Expect on the Show:



Bee Gees

Billy Joel

Bruce Springsteen

The Cars

Doobie Brothers


Earth, Wind and Fire

Elton John

Fleetwood Mac


Hall and Oates

Huey Lewis and the News

John Mellancamp


Michael Jackson

Paul McCartney



REO Speedwagon

Rick Springfield

Rod Stewart

Rolling Stones

Steve Miller Band

Steely Dan

…and MUCH More!


*Please note: Liners, production elements, and jingles are coming soon for use in the show. The following is a demonstration of Hit Universe’s content and music.

*May not be broadcast or distributed in anyway without prior permission.



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