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Interview with Nina Blackwood, Original MTV VJ

For the very first interview featured on, Morgan spotlights a discussion with one of his media heroes: original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood.

Nina was the first “VJ” or “video jockey” hired at MTV, a station that used to play music videos ’round the clock with some interviews, music news, contests, and more. In this discussion, she touches on what it was like working behind-the-scenes at MTV, meeting  celebrities, impacting society with music on TV, and more.

Morgan was aware of MTV and the original VJs. But, he was impressed while listening to Nina on the radio when she once talked about her friendship with singer Brenda Russell. Intrigued by her Brenda Russell story, among others, he set out to interview her in a 2015 session. Some of these stories are captured in this timeless interview.

Date Recorded: 19 November, 2015

Date Originally Released: 8 February, 2017


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