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Jingle Voices – Documentary on Jingle Singing in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s

What is a jingle? Who creates them? Who sings them? What impact have jingles had on radio?

Jingle production traces back to the 1940s and early 1950s. Some of the earliest jingle companies originated in Dallas, Texas. Two of the earliest companies included Commercial Recording Company (CRC) and Bill Meeks’ Production Advertising and Merchandising Services (PAMS). CRC and PAMS were convinced that few people could identify one radio station from another on the dial, thus the call letter ID jingle was born. Later on, jingles became a staple in top-40 radio.

“Jingle Voices: The Art of the ID” puts the spotlight on three Dallas-based jingle singers: Carol Piper; Trella Hart; and Terry Lea Jenkins. For additional history and commentary, “Jingle Voices” turns to Jon Wolfert, co-founder and President of JAM Creative Productions, Dallas. Together, they share their memories and stories from working in the jingle business.

Terry Lea remembers singing individual city songs and working with Glen Campbell. Carol Piper and Jon Wolfert reflect on vocal auditions and life at PAMS. Trella Hart talks about an unexpected jingle party at WKNR “Keener 13” in Detroit. Plus much more.

For organization, “Jingle Voices” has been compartmentalized into eight parts:

  • Part One: “Introduction: Meet the Singers” (0:04)
  • Part Two: “The Earliest Jingles” (13:00)
  • Part Three: “What Does It Take? Requirements of a Studio Singer” (28:16)
  • Part Four: “It Was a Full-Time Job” (37:48)
  • Part Five: “Behind the Scenes” (47:44)
  • Part Six: “Life After Jingles” (59:40)
  • Part Seven: “Jingles for 2017 and the Future” (01:07:39)
  • Part Eight: “Credits and Disclaimer” (01:18:10)

“Jingle Voices: The Art of the ID” is an hour and twenty minutes of guaranteed jingle fun!

For more information on PAMS Productions, Inc., please visit them on the web at .

Date Originally Recorded: July-December 2016

Date Originally Released: 4 April 2017


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